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Exploring a range fit for an adventure – Alan Paine

Knitwear is quite literally in the blood of the Paine dynasty, Alan’s Father, William, famous for in the 1920’s, invented, the ‘club colour trim’ this was added to a plain … Continue reading

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Wisdom is wasted on the old – Native Youth

New brand Native Youth live by the mantra, “the no-nonsense British way of doing things. Signature details creating a recognisable look. Stylish apparel for a confident generation.” Since its launch … Continue reading

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Suits me fine – TopMan’s Super Premium Suiting ranges

We all know that suiting is the new rebellion and smartening up your appearance is the modern equivalent of what wearing a leather biker jacket and denim jeans were in … Continue reading

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For Your Eyes Only – 007 The Fragrance

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of that pinnacle of masculinity, the bastion of manliness, the leader of the man pack and that all round legend of all things Male, James … Continue reading

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Its Farrell not Feral – Textual Conversation with Ben Dickens, Farrell

Ben Dickens was the Design Director at Burberry for four years, working across all of the men’s product categories. Due to his career successes he was most recently charged with … Continue reading

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What a load of Northern Cobbler – Ohhh Competition time

Originally hailing from South Yorkshire, a love of classic English attire and active, outdoor pursuits are reflected in the brand’s traditional ethos. Northern Cobbler is a brand that creates hand … Continue reading

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Whose been a busy little Barbour – Barbour X Paul Smith, Barbour X Jack Spade

Back in March of this year I tweeted a picture of the Paul Smith X Barbour collaboration, now at the time this was something that excited me a greatly, two … Continue reading

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