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Different Strokes for different folks – Superdry + Timothy Everest

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When the schedule for London Collections:Men arrived in my inbox back in June and I look through it, one particular partnership completely caught my attention and took me by surprise, as it did most of the Menswear press who were equally perplexed by the coming together of the Tailoring mastero, that is Timothy Everest and the King of Casualwear, Superdry. As a collective, the international Menswear press did not know what to expect, was Timothy about to go all street on us or were Superdry going to knock through on their Regent Street, London, Flagship store into Savile Row, who knew ?????

Well, what followed was an exercise in how to do a collaboration, something that can prove to be extremely tricky. These brands come together from either ends of the menswear spectrum. The collection is called Sebiro, a trans-seasonal capsule range of core wardrobe staples that are constructed in excellent cloths, a contemporary silhouette and a key attention to detail all with a near ridiculous price point, that makes you wonder how they re making a profit from this venture.

The range is designed as a separates to mix and match with the existing Superdry collection, there are slim fitting suits and a number of stand alone jackets which marry the best of British innovation with the design creativity. The launch range has been devised with four key characters in mind: The Super Spy, The Bank Robber, The San Fransiscan and the Country Rebel all with little quirks and defining traits. As I think you can tell from the names the range has been inspired by such movie greats as, the early James Bonds, Our Man Flint, The Italian job (the original) and Bullett.


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