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What a load of Northern Cobbler – Ohhh Competition time

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Originally hailing from South Yorkshire, a love of classic English attire and active, outdoor pursuits are reflected in the brand’s traditional ethos. Northern Cobbler is a brand that creates hand crafted, high quality, traditional footwear with that all important witty twist and bags of personality, where attention to detail is at the heart of every shoe. You may, or not, already be aware, many of the world’s finest cobblers carve their trade in the UK. The brand have the pleasure of working with such craftsmen, watching them in their shoemakers workshop, creating footwear of the highest standards, plus Northern Cobbler can boast that many of the shoes they produce are still crafted within the UK.

The luxury leather footwear includes classic styles such as brogues, Chelsea boots and worker boots. Details such as suede tongues, leather tassels and welted raw leather soles complete the unique nature of Northern Cobbler shoes. Each welted ole is made of hand stained leather with bunting and the easily recognisable fish emboss detail.The traditionally British brand provides a real sense of humour with each design, not taking themselves too seriously in an ever austere world.

The detail and care displayed by the brand extends from the footwear to every aspect of the Northern Cobbler experience. Shoes are presented in a textured box with a protective canvas bag and leather embossed bookmark making the whole presence just that little more personal.


Now wanna step out in style in these beautiful brogue boots courtesy of Northern Cobbler perfect to be teamed with a suit or a pair of raw denim jeans. We have one pair to giveaway and all you need to do is follow us here at by –

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Do this by Sunday 3oth September and presto a few days later you will receive a gift from us to you. It’s that simple ! Good luck.


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