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H.E. Man – H.E. by Mango

We in the UK are spoilt when it come to the quality, in every respect, of the retailers who make up the Clothing element of our High Street, without a shadow of a doubt we are the envy of the world. From the value retailers of Primark and Peacocks to the directional stores of TopShop and Reiss, there is no excuse not to be well turned out these day, no matter what your budget.

Now the contender for the silver medal in this field, has to go to Spain where both Clothing giants Zara and more to the point Mango call home. Both these retailers in have been making waves of excitement in the sea of womenswear, for some now but more recently and in a more guerrilla fashion, their menswear has started to get themselves noticed and male consumer starting to sit up and take notice.

For the fourth season, Mango have opted for the skills of FC Barcelona, former Manchester United player and part of the 2010 World Cup Winning Spanish team, Gerard Piqué to showcase their menswear offering. They describe H.E. by Mango as being based on updating the classics of a man’s wardrobe by giving them the required touch of fashion, adapting the trends to a simple, everyday and urban style and see Piqué as the perfect representation of the type of man the brand aims to dress: young, no responsibilities, with hisown style and personality.

For Autumn 12 , they take their inspiration from their Mediterranean cousins, the Italians, with particular reference to the 1970’s from the obvious nods to the fashion capital of Milano to the more sporty feel of the Monza Grand Prix. Then, moving into Winter they travel a little further north to the Nordic countries for the colder months trends.

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3 comments on “H.E. Man – H.E. by Mango

  1. Nick

    Liking a lot! Is it going to be sold in Mango stores, or will there be new mens stores? Edinburgh? Do you have info?

  2. Nick

    My fingers are crossed! Thanks.

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