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An F.A.B. T-shirt

The inspiration for many Hoxton club kids, Brains.

Street wear brand Rude has worked with the Gerry Anderson and the creators of the Iconic character Brains from the 1960’s TV Series Thunderbirds to create a casual wear range using his and the shows unique imagery. Rude which has been producing its individual take on t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories etc for over 13 years now, since it’s humble beginnings has collaborated with various entities including the Tate, Nokia, The Guardian and the National Theatre over those years.

This season its turned its attention to the dapper scientific and engineering genius of International Rescue, Brains, known for his signature bow ties and blue horn-rimmed spectacles he was always smart and took care of his presentation. The show still enjoys enormous consumer awareness and a strong fan base. With Brains remaining one of the best-known names from the Classic ITV series.

Rupert Meats, Founder of Rude, says: “Brains was a real man of the future when he first appeared on Thunderbirds. Today he is still bang on trend. We have greatly enjoyed this opportunity to build a fashion range round such an iconic and cool character and are looking forward to taking our Brains imagery to many new categories and outlets.”


One comment on “An F.A.B. T-shirt

  1. Nick

    These made me smile this morning! Thanks, and I know the perfect person for the “Brains” T.

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