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We haven’t covered watches and timepieces so far on Clothes make the man, despite a number of enquires, so I thought right then the time is right, sorry, you know I can’t resist a bad pun, and so here you go. Haven’t thought of a section name for it yet as One to Watch has already gone so any suggestions would be appreciated.

The first watch we’re covering is a belter, it was previewed at BaselWorld 2012, think a bit like ComicCon or the Mens Fashion Weeks but for Watches. Bell & Ross has released the WW2 Regulateur Heritage– a new style referencing military watches from the 1940s era. They have always been passionate about military history, and particularly that of aviation, which made precise timekeeping one of its key navigational tools. The brand’s new model illustrates the unique parallel between the history of aviation and that of watch-making.

By creating the Vintage WW2 Regulateur Heritage (Wrist Watch 2), Bell & Ross pays tribute to the timekeeping instruments used by bomber navigators in the 1930s and 1940s. The Watch emphasises the minutes display, essential for aviators in calculating their position or flight speed. The modern version of this functional and historical model possesses the ergonomics and immediate legibility of a navigator’s watch.

This Watch possesses a number of features drawing on the original, Watches of the period needed to be immediately clear to respond to the pilot’s needs. It adopts the same style with its large 49mm diameter case to ensure perfect legibility, the minutes are displayed across the full width of the dial. This aspect is again highlighted by the sand-colored digits contrasting against the black dial. The large bidirectional notched bezel is used to mark a certain point in time. It’s the most characteristic identifying element inspired by the navigational instrument. For greater comfort, the oversized crown has been placed on the left at 9 o’clock, rather than the more traditionally placed 3 o’clock. The large grooved crown and the very wide-notched bezel ensure optimal ease of use. Also it features a case with a gun-metal grey steel finish with a aged look, giving it the appearance of a watch which has gained a patina over time.the sand-colored hands, numerals and index markers, and the mat leather strap emphasize the authentic nature of this timepiece.

As with all Bell & Ross watches, although not cheap, you get a lot of watch for your money and it genuinely is an investment piece which should be with you for years to come.This new model’s unique design is surprisingly original and authentic, illustrating the watch- making firm’s philosophy, which favors the absolute legibility of the time.



  1. joe

    Nice watches but a bit on the pricey side me thinks !!!!!!

    • Bell & Ross aren’t cheap Joe but you get a lot of bang for your buck with them. A lot of people in the watch business wear them, as they don’t rely on any gimmicks there just straight up good watches that last & last.

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