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Meet the Hilfigers – Tommy’s iconic Ad campaign

No it’s not the title to the latest reality, fly-on-the-wall documentary, well not yet, as far as I know, but since Autumn/Winter 2010, Tommy Hilfiger created this amazing, intriguing and plain left field Advertising campaign that has genuinely been one of the most interesting in years.

Photographed by Craig McDean, styled by Karl Templer, the campaign introduces “The Hilfigers” to the world- eclectic characters that make up an unexpected all-American family.

“This new ad campaign takes our visual identity in a fresh direction while respecting our brand aesthetic,” says Tommy Hilfiger, at the time. “This is the first campaign to truly capture the brand’s 25 year heritage of twisted preppy American sportswear. I love how, like the fall collection, the images jump off the page.”

The campaign was designed to be the first installment in an ongoing portrayal of the family’s traditions, travels, and adventures, which we as observers were allowed to, in a somewhat voyeuristic way, peek in at. The campaign, or family, included such characters as;

Posted highest score ever recorded on an entrance exam (and did it after a particularly long night involving an after-after party…). Went on to a prestigious West Coast school to be near all the Silicon action. Has three social media startups in the pipeline – and is quietly on a mission to “bring back” the pocket square. California casual is NOT his thing.

Specious Diabolus. Handsome Devil. Easy on the eyes, hard on cars. He’s one long moving violation, on the books from Marblehead to Santa Barbara, but still not a scratch on him. Considering a name change to facilitate his career aspirations in Hollywood. Lea rolls her eyes anytime the subject comes up, yet Chloe’s already acting as his agent. Feels action star should be his goal and KNOWS his new first name should be Lucky.


Two-time East Coast regional table tennis champion. Olympic hopes dashed when left thumb was crushed in an incident involving The Wagoneer passenger door (Max II was found guilty). Dimples let him get away with murder…and multiple expulsions. Has never worn socks a day in his life—including Winter Break in Vermont. (Not to worry, has made a full foot recovery.)

Take a look behind the scenes of the first instalment –

The latest campaign is equally as quirky as the first and takes the theme of equestrian for Autumn 2012 and see the family heading off to their country estate in Virginia to partake in a point of horsing around and the all important hunting, shooting & fishing and continues the classic, American heritage and long history of infusing an unexpected twist to preppy tradition.


6 comments on “Meet the Hilfigers – Tommy’s iconic Ad campaign

  1. Nick

    Do Americans REALLY fall for this stuff? REALLY?

    • Nick, this Ad has been one of the most interesting in Years. It draws inspiration from films like the Royal Tenembaums & has so much more to it then a simple model. In a studio. Take a look at them on the Internet. David Sims & Karl Templer are at the top of their game.

  2. Photoneil

    This campaign is a direct copy of a classic 50’s America book, its brilliant and they have the families doing some really inventive stuff,
    Amazing how they got away with it, also feel its bit of a one trick pony, they should move on already.

  3. Nick

    It must be me then. I find it contrived and pretentious.

    • Not at all Nick I love to hear differing opinion. But check out it’s AW collection & particularly the Hilfiger SS13 range, it’s honestly really good. I promise.

  4. Nick

    The clothes look pretty good, yes. It’s the advertising I don’t like.

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