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No man is a Stone Island – 30 years of Stone Island

The Stone Island Archivio – celebrating 30 years of the cult sportswear brand

An example from the Autumn?winter range of 1983

2012 notes thirty years of Stone Island, brand dedicated to research and textile experimentation through ongoing and detailed investigation on the processing and treatment of fibres and fabrics. In1982, Stone Island was founded with just one fabric in 6 different colours. Thirty years later, the exact replica of a piece from its first collection is available, a fabric inspired by a study on the technical and functional features of tarpaulins for military trucks, yep not the most obvious of launches, I’ll give you that.

As part of the celebrations of the legendary Italian family brand, they have issued Stone Island, Archivio ’982–’012, the title of the book born from the desire to illustrate the story of Stone Island. It is an examination into the huge archive of the brand which has left an indelible mark on the history of sportswear over the last 30 years.

The ThermoSensitive Jacket of Autumn/Winter 1990

This archive contains most of the immense wealth of knowledge and experience on which Stone Island is founded. The book is an opportunity for the readers to grasp, in all of its detail, the visionary depth of the experimentation carried out over the last three decades; the sheer wealth created by the sophisticated dye formulas, the manipulation of the textiles and the stylistic and functional research of the garments.

The Glazed silk jacket from the Autumn/Winter Collection of 1992

A careful selection of 307 iconic garments, from the 20.000 preserved in the archive, are used to recount the story of Stone Island. From textile inventions, since the very first collection of 1982, created by the anti-conventional creative genius Massimo Osti, to garments that symbolise the research of the British designer Paul Harvey, and on to more recent garments which are the fruits of a multicultural group of designers and art directors united under the creative direction of Carlo Rivetti.

The journal is curated by, style heavyweights, Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths to represent the brand’s history through clean, direct images who have managed to avoid any nostalgic references, the selected garments are worn by 30 young, cosmopolitan and contemporary men giving a truly modern and positive feel with the goal of defining the history of the iconic and game changing sportswear in the Stone Island manner.

Stone Island, Archivio ’982–’012 is on sale from September 2012


2 comments on “No man is a Stone Island – 30 years of Stone Island

  1. Chris

    I had the red glazed jacket and loved it, just showed my 11 year old who said was there nothing cooler in the shop cheeky bugger

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