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Mixing modern and traditional heritage – Nicholas Deakins & Harris Tweed

In 1991, the world was a very different place the Governments of the globe were fighting a tough recession, there was escalating trouble in the Middle East, there’s in fighting amongst the countries of the E.C. and a certain publishing tycoon’s empire was in trouble, how things have changed. But at that same time a young Craig Nicholas Tate was studying for a Degree in Fashion and Textile in London, he founded, Nicholas Deakins after seeing a niche in the mens footwear market and launched an initial collection consisted of only four styles which were made by renowned British shoemaker W. J Brookes – the brand quickly became a favourite of the clubs and terraces, earning a loyal and dedicated following amongst the style conscious lads of the 90’s.

Now 20 years on the brand is looking back to their beginnings to celebrate their anniversary by reintroducing the original ‘Brookes’ boot. Through a considered approach they have adapted the ‘Brookes’ boot form to appeal to a more contemporary market. However, this is far from the only project the brand has on the go to celebrate their coming of age. The Leeds based brand will be bringing their unique Northern charm to a southern customer to experience first hand. They’ve transported the essence of their flagship store to London for one month only. The brand will be showcasing their Autumn 12 collection of men’s clothing and footwear, the home for this project is the ever trendy Lamb Conduit Street in Holborn who, as regular readers of Clothes make the man know only too well, is home to such well heeled, sorry, names as Oliver Spencer, folk, the newly opened Universal Works store and now Nicholas Deakins.

As part of this pop up showcase, Deakins have teamed up with world famous Harris Tweed, which is become synonymous for their traditional lichen died tweeds. These unique fabrics are hand woven in the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland and have been the iconic, go to tweed for time immemorial. What this collaboration has resulted in, is a seamless cohesion between modern and traditional British heritage.


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