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Last week I got an email through from the footwear brand Kickers, with three lil words that never fail to grab my attention, no not free booze tonight, although that will, THE STONE ROSES !!! After making the pilgrimage to Heaton Park recently to see what was one, if not THE best gig I’ve ever been to, The Stone Roses are back and have reclaimed themselves as the King of Thrones of all music-kind.

So when, I received this aforementioned email from Kickers, stating, “The Stone Roses: The Third Coming” I was there straight away. Three titans of Music photography Kevin Cummins, Paul Slattery and Ian Tilton, have collaborated for the first time on this brilliant exhibition of photography and memorabilia to celebrate this generation defining ‘Madchester’ band. Now I do have to add, if you have never heard of these photographers PLEASE google them as there aren’t many music artists of the last thirty years that these guys haven’t photographed, so it’ a pretty major deal them coming together on this project.

To mark the historic and long awaited comeback this summer, Whiteleys Shopping Centre (nearest tube Bayswater) are lucky enough to be playing host to this fascinating photographic showcase. It documents the band’s rapid ascent from giging in clubs like the Haçienda in Manchester to huge arenas in far flung places like Japan and their now legendary Spike Island concert. Literally, all the key moments of their career are illustrated here and they show what intimate and exclusive access Cummins, Slattery & Tilton had with them.

The exhibition gives lads and lasses of a certain age the chance to re-live the passion, energy and remember what an effect the band had, not only on the British Music scene but globally, well it did for me. The group – singer Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary “Mani” Mountfield and drummer Alan “Reni” Wren, managed to capture the zeitgeist of the time in their unique debut album, later voted “Greatest album of All time” by the NME. Now at this event I was lucky enough to be guided through the exhibition by Ian Tilton himself who was able to give a real insight into the images hanging on the walls, of these fresh faced young Mancs who would be as important to a generation as the Beatles, Mozart or Elvis was years before. If you are in London this Summer before 12th August make sure you pay a trip to Whiteley as this FREE exhibition is not only worth the trip but is worth making a special trip to London to experience. Also, look out for Ian Tilton’s book, Set in Stone is to be published by Omnibus Press in October.


The Iconic Ian Tilton taking us through the exhibition



The iconic ‘Reni’ hat – worn by lads from Manchester to Magaluf and Manhattan to Moscow.


Please excuse my reflection, like some ghostly fifth member, I wish





This iconic image which I remember as being a front cover for the NME in 1990


Fresh faced lads, not knowing what was before them


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