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A Store worthy of a gold medal – Henri Lloyd’s Concept store

Depending on who it is, but when you ask someone what they think of when you say Henri Lloyd you can guarantee they may mention Sailing, its Mancunian heritage, or possibly the fact that the intrepid Sir Francis Chichester chose to wear their clothing throughout his pioneering voyage around the world in 1966 or even, just maybe, the influential Paninaro look adopted by the trendy Milanese yoof of the 80’s. Whatever it may be, Henri Lloyd is a brand with countless different facets to its many years of history.

The latest being, the opening of their new concept store, situated in East London’s Westfield Stratford City shopping centre and the gateway to the Olympic park, so not many people passing through it at the moment then. The store is a true reflection of the brand that pioneered many firsts in the sailing world; the interior focuses on a fresh aesthetic for the brand whilst showcasing Henri Lloyd’s sailing roots.

A trio of billowing sails will be rigged above the store, whilst Shiplap detailing around the till, rope area dividers and hi-tech props create the atmosphere of a luxury yacht.  The end result will be the perfect representation of Henri Lloyd’s flair for combining contemporary sailing heritage with style driven sophistication, so set adrift and come aboard.


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