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Something for the weekend sir ? Ted Baker’s Ottoman Lounge & Grooming range

A few nights ago I was invited to the launch of a new venture for the ever creative Ted Baker, The Ottoman Lounge. The brand first came to my attention too many years ago when I first took an interest in clothes, fashion and style and was always drawn to their imaginative use of visual merchandising in their store windows. They were masters in using their shop windows to maximum effect and never failed to bring the right amount of humour and theatre to entice you into their stores. With the same effect, they have gone into traditional gents barber shops but as ever with that certain, how should we put it…… Ted effect ! Nothing is left to chance and all finer details are throughly thought through.

So the story goes, “Ted” enjoyed his time in the hamams (steam bathhouses) of the ancient city of Istanbul, more famously known as the crossroads of Asia and Europe, so much so, no visit was never quite complete without paying a visit to such an establishment. Indeed, a reviving haircut and hot towel followed by a facial cleanse and invigorating manicure or pedicure always left him feeling fresh as a daisy and squeaky clean.

So rather then keeping this idea a well kept secret the ever generous brand have decided to bring a little bit of turkey delight to the heart of London town, literally a stone’s throw away from the unbelievably trendy Lambs Conduit Street, but as always infused with their own attention to detail and a touch of TED DNA.

Now to coincide with this contemporary take on a traditional Ottoman empire barber shop, the brand have launched a complete grooming range to heighten the experience, but don’t worry you don’t have to pay to trip to the great capital to appreciate this range, you can undertake the same rituals in the comfort of your own lovely homes. The packaging emulates Ted Baker’s ethos, with modern shaped products and vintage labelling. There are 8 products, to ensure the perfect gentlemanly finish including, Ted’s Face Wash, containing soothing Canadian Willowherb extract and conditioning D-Panthenol, which defeat excess oil and impurities with ease. Also, no one likes bothersome in-grown hairs that can sabotage an otherwise clean, close shave. So do battle against dirt and dead skin every other day with Ted’s Face Scrub which uses jojoba beads to encourage refined, health skin fully prepped for shaving.


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