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And the Gold for best dressed team goes to ?????

It’s no longer as simple as putting on a track suit and a pair of trainers on and competing for your country, ohh no. Nowadays the brand/designer who can boast that they designed a particular country’s uniforms, kit etc  for the Olympic games is as big an honour as winning a gold metal itself. For the 2012 London Olympics this has been of paramount importance, the news that Stella McCartney was designing the Team GB kit in partnership with Adidas was greeted with equal amounts of excitement and anticipation. However, the unveiling reception was a little more maramite effect then unanimous appreciation, which in my humble opinion was a little harsh, Stella’s reworking and incorporation of the Union Flag and Blue being the principal colour was bold, brave and patriotic.

However the host nation of the UK is not the only country that can claim designer credentials for their nations athletes, the accolade of dressing ones country’s Olympic team has being hotly sort after. Not surprisingly, the Italian team have been decked out by the sultan of style Mr Giorgio Armani, who exclaims at the launch in Milan, “I am very honoured to participate with these great colleagues. This will be the most fashionable Olympic Games ever. ” Never a truer word spoken.

Under his EA7 range each member of the Italian squad will be presented with a uniform of 50 pieces comprising of the asymmetrically-ziped official tracksuit which he hopes will be seen on the centre medal podium, warm-up kit, Bermuda shorts and a selection of trousers, shirts, shoes and T-shirts, however, no umbrella, no rain poncho or wellingtons seem to be included, missed a trick there Giorgio. Plus instead of opting for the Red, White & Green of the Italiano Tricolour, he gone for the more understated Midnight blue & white for a Piu elegante feel.

Not wanting to be left out of the proceedings Team USA have been decked out by an American legend hoping to clean up in the style stakes as well as the medal count. Ralph Lauren has shown his allegiance for his country and used a Red, White and Blue palette for the uniforms of the athletes & para-athletes of the US national team, which as you would expect has that All American preppy feel. But not only does the kit proudly show off the iconic Polo pony of Lauren but a logo which was inspired by the last London Olympic games in London in 1948.

However, these great fashion nations are not the only countries to sport designer attire, the ever stylish Olympians of the Jamaican team have had their uniforms designed by a the offspring of not only a Jamaican national hero but a global icon. Ms Cedella Marley has collaborated with Puma to produce what they hope will be a winning kit, stating, “We’re gonna burn up the tracks,” she said: “I think we’re going to stand out a little bit more in 2012.”


2 comments on “And the Gold for best dressed team goes to ?????

  1. Jobbo

    As per usual Puma get it terribly wrong

  2. Nick

    USA is like a Lauren advert! Clever, or predictable?

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