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Be Prepared ! – Victorinox personalised Swiss army knifes

This is life sized, Honest !

First there were pop up shops, now get ready for it ,there are pop up websites, or micro sites to be completely geektastic about it. Those geniuses, or is that genei, over at Victorinox, the creators of the Swiss Army Knife are offering you good people the unique opportunity to create your own laser-etched Swiss Army Knife. This will be entirely free of charge for all who take part !!!! The ‘Pop-Up’ platform will be live between the 19th of July and the 12th of August. 

For nearly 130 years, Victorinox has been developing, manufacturing and selling multi-functional pocket tools & Kitchen Knives across the globe, including the legendary and brilliant Swiss Army Knife. The family owned company stand for Swiss tradition, quality and innovation. Victorinox has successfully diversified the product ranges with the addition of a Swiss watch factory for Timepieces, followed by Travel Gear, Fashion and Fragrances !

An example of Inkie’s work

The Swiss army knife microsite will enable customers to choose from 4 colours of the iconic ‘Spartan’ Swiss Army Knife – they will then customise their chosen colour with specially designed icons and templates by the leading Street Artist Inkie; inspired by London and core brand inspirations such as nature and travel, these will be laser-etched and ready for collection in-store on either July 24th or August 12th. Anyone who completes the design process will be given their own personal Swiss Army Knife with their etching – collection will be solely possible from the Victorinox Flagship Store, New Bond St, London.

The ‘Personalise Your Swiss Army Knife’ online programme forms part of a summer of activities for the Victorinox brand in the UK – anchored by their sponsorship of the House of Switzerland which will be open to the public between the 20th of July and the 12th of August to celebrate all things Swiss particularly celebrating their culture, design and innovation.


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