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With my Rusksack on my back, fol da dee, fol der dar – Selfridges Urban Survival Backpacks

Selfridges own Urban Survival Backpack name 109 after it’s iconic Pantone Yellow Colour reference

With the state of public transport currently in the Metropolis in the approach to the Olympics London is increasingly an urban jungle and the fight for survival in the daily commute is becoming more and more a reality; mirrored

Paul Smith

in cities across the globe.  No-one doubts that amid the joy, celebration and honour of hosting the Games, the poor folks that call London their home, will have to cope with an extraordinary influx of tourists and the congested transport systems are only two of the more obvious examples of challenges there may be.


So therefore, those ever resourceful and forward thinkers over at Selfridges have put their heads together with a selection of the leading designers and brands in the current world of fashion & style to come up with the ultimate in Urban Survival Backpack range. To help lighten the load and keep people spirits up and stress-free by commissioning a series of ten limited edition Backpacks such stylish luminaries as Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Oliver Spencer & Nike have each given their interpretations of what it would take to survive urban living during this tough summer of sport. Each pack come complete with a full survival kit curated and in most cases created by the brand specifically for this rather splendid commission by Selfridges.

Oliver Spencer

Vivienne Westwood

Some of the kits may surprise, such as 3.1 Philip Lim’s which includes bath products ??? by Nars and a DVD. Perhaps his way of saying that it’s probably best to stay away from the city and keep off the crowded streets. Whereas, Womenswear designer, Anya Hindmarch, fully embraces the games and her kit comes complete with a pair of running shoes and a thermal foil blanket, although she could equally be implying that you’ll need the shoes to run to and from work and the blanket will be when you get stuck in town as you can’t get home !!!!


2 comments on “With my Rusksack on my back, fol da dee, fol der dar – Selfridges Urban Survival Backpacks

  1. Nick

    Does one need to wear leiderhosen to carry one of these rucksacks? Fal-de-ra!

    • Nick it’s not a necessity but maybe a pair by Jil Sander or Hugo Boss would be apt. But of course not fashionably compulsory.

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