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The sporting attire of Gents – Eastie Empire

With only a matter of weeks before the biggest global sporting event commences, everything seems to have gone all a bit sports crazy whether it be TV ads or the side sof buses right the way through to the humble world of Fashion, the sports bug has well and truly bitten !

Because of all this sports mania, it does make you want to harp back to a bygone, more simpler era, when everything was at a slower, easier pace and the competitors were true sporting folk with a much more fair play attitude.

A brand on a similar wavelength to my good self is Eastie Empire, who aims to counteract a world that has lost its manners. Bringing civility through garments inspired by great characters and events of the twentieth century, and the traditions of a gentlemanly lifestyle. These elements are sewn into the collection – with an embroidered nametag and ‘Manners Maketh Man’ (Whoop what a good name) stitched into the lining of each garment.

They pride themselves on upholding alliances with long established British mills to generate the standard of fabric they require. Reviving old manufacturing techniques to deliver authenticity and style with substance.

The Spring Summer 12 Collection takes inspiration from the Great Games. 104 years on (1908 being the last time London held the Olympiad) – the collection runs on the theme of vintage sporting attire. The result is a collection of vintage British sportswear, lending character and substance to a modern mans world. Their vision is not to have us dressing like Victorian gentlemen. They temper this with modern day styling, functionality and comfort.

The fitted undergarment t-shirts are inspired by the ‘Tug of War’ event, where teams wore bibbed crew necks with longer fitted sleeves along with knee length shorts. Elegant leisure suits worn by lawn tennis players inspire the summery three piece suit in reverse light blue denim. The collection of jersey pieces include detailing & styling borrowed from the boxing, rowing and sprinting competitions.

Autumn 2012 Preview


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