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A meeting of two minds – Superdry X Joseph Cheaney & Sons

When you think of Superdryand who they might collaborate with, the last thing you’d conjure up in your mind is a brand who are internationally known for over 125 years of classic footwear craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail. But guest what,

The Avon Brogue Shoe

that what the lil blighters have gone and done, with the renowned British shoe company Joseph Cheaney & Sons.Superdry, more recognised as a market leader in casualwear field, until now and wait til you see their collaboration with British tailoring master Timothy Everest for the Autumn, it will literally CRASH their website it’s so good, honestly, but more, much more, about that nearer the time.

Superdry blends its iconic mix of quality and design with Joseph Cheaney’s traditional British styles. Choose from the classic brogue, Chelsea boot or brogue boot all with Goodyear welted soles for the ultimate in style and durability. Made with real leather insoles and a cork inserted base for mouldable comfort, all shoes are finished with heavily burnished toe and heel counters with natural, clear wax leather welt and heel to give suit- ready style. A true purchase that will be for life, not often you get to

The Brogue Boots

say that these day. Superdry’s signature orange adds a colourful detailing twist to this premium capsule collection; boots come with chunky pull-tabs whilst brogues come with colour-pop lined tongues. Offset eyelets on the heel counter and gold leaf stamp in-socks top off the iconic collaboration of these two brands.

Available now from the Regent St, London Flaship store or the website, these lil beauties can make an outfit, either to giving a dapper edge to a formal suit or worn with jeans or chino in a casual manner automatically elevate you in the style stakes.

The Tamar boots


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