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A Cut above – Molton Brown Shaving Kit

Molton Brown Traditional Shaving Kit

Is it too early to start thinking about what you want for Christmas ? Now, it is only about 5 months away, ohh well in for a penny, in for a pound, I might as well start making my list early. Molton Brown are experts at what they do, they’re connoisseurs within the beauty and grooming world and have been since they launched in 1973. Take for example the above product, with a razor, shave brush and stand, the collection contains everything the modern grooming gentleman could wish for. For Molton Brown, it’s all about the attention to detail: The choice of bristle. The curve of a handle. The weight and balance. Each element has been selected for its performance and resilience, as well as its dapper good looks.

The Shaving Kit consists of a boxed set containing The Razor, The Shaving Brush and Stand. The unique double stand holds both items, letting them air dry on the bathroom shelf in style. A black, chrome-plated razor with a disposable Gillette Fusion razor head and subtle, The Shaving Brush & Stand, also, in a black and chrome-plated finish, weighted brush, bristling with the finest badger hair, complete with its own chrome-plated stand. Lather up as badger bristles help exfoliate, lift and soften stubble for a close, comfortable and smooth finish, offering you a touch of old school luxury available within the comfort and confines of your our sale de bain.


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