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Pretty Fly for a white guy – FLY53

FLY53’s inhouse graphics team are adept at dealing with an array of subverted subjects, with nods to pop art, glamour, vintage erotica and anti-establishment ideals crashing in a visual protest for those disenfranchised with meaningless slogans, logos and throwaway fashion and given the perspective from the truly bonkers minds of FLY53.

The guys have never been ones to play by the rules (the rule book might have been ripped up a few times, in fact over their 17 years) and they’re bringing their same devil may care attitude to their new graphic t-shirtsfor SS12. The world economy might be on its knees right now but FLY53 are giving the iconography and imagery of America the real FLY53 treatment.

‘Trust No One’ isn’t just good advice but it’s not quite sure if it’s a poison pen letter or just a harmless quirky collage, but it’s giving the US dollar a reworking. FLY53 got the scissors and glue out for this one- this design was first done by hand with a cut and paste approach, Can you tell what it is yet ?, never mind.

‘Bad Penny’ is a slick black and white design but with nods to chaos theory, anarchy and a lovely lady with a Joker style makeover, Gok eat your heart out. Traditional approaches to beauty are looked at again with the FLY53 Boy t-shirt; we doubt she’s what Heff had in mind, but with the deconstructed look at his infamous magazine, we’re sure he’ll have time for this.

Also, With the Olympics this year there was no way they could let it slide. They’ve given their own take on the rings logo in ‘enhanced performance’ and ‘zero athletics’ tees. Chinos, chambray shirts and brushed cotton shorts all have Navajo pattern detailing as a common thread through the collection denoting partisan resistance. The Crosstown shirt takes the similar Navajo pattern and prints it inside as a show-through on an ecru canvas.


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