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The Scent of a Nation – Union

There’s no doubt that 2012 belongs to the collective people of the United Kingdom, whether it’s our fashion, the monarchy or the greatest Sporting event in the world being held in these green and pleasant lands, the world is looking to Great Britian. And so it’s unquestionably a great time to launch a fragrance based exclusively on the flora and fauna of these unique Islands. The botany of Britain has been celebrated in both art and literature for centuries, however the scents of our flora have been sadly neglected by the perfume industry, leaving their beauty unsung.

Union is a new perfume collection that celebrates these fragrances, gathered from the four corners of the British Isles and combined into unique blends that speak of the majesty and diversity of the landscape. From the moorlands of Yorkshire to the mountains of Snowdonia, the windswept fens of County Derry and craggy Highland heaths. Union’s creative perfumer, Anastasia Brozler, has scoured the countryside for the most beautiful ingredients, gaining access to some of the country’s oldest private estates in her search for the finest single scents that Britain has to offer.
The desirable bottle is an iconic take on the Union Flag and encompasses all the elements associated with this highly recognisable symbol.
The key ingredients for this unique fragrance are a blend of Holy Thistle, which is an energetic, green scent that is perfect for man, Quince Mint and Moss is Zesty and appropriate and Celtic Fire is very masculine – very smokey. These very recognisable smells to either the residents or anyone who has at some point had the pleasure of visiting any part of the UK, will conjure up visions of their visit or past thoughts of childhood holidays and happy memories.


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