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Singular Statements – All the words you need.

The first six designs

As with the StndAIR press release that caught my eye the other week, this too did the same but for a completely different reason. The premise behind Singular Statements is simply, but ever so effective. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s a range of t-shirts using song titles, from seminal bands like The Smiths, Nivarna & The Stone Roses, that are evocative and meaningful on their own, but irrespective of whether the wearer or viewer knew the song or band, ahhhh, like it ?

This all came about when fellow Dubliners, Peter O’Connell and Niall McCormack were working together on a book project called Where Were You? Dublin Youth Culture and Street Fashion 1950 – 2000. They struck up a friendship over a common interest in bands and music and when the book was published, they decided to turn their attentions to another project, but this time of a more literal apparel nature. Niall proposed calling the range Singular Statements and they decided to focus on titles that were suggestive and brief for the Tees.

Not only was it enough to have high quality cotton shirts, they were very keen on having attractive packaging which they spent a long time sourcing and developing. Ultimately they settled on the sleeve effect which makes the package look a little like a 12 inch single, can you remember what they actually looked like. The button badge for your lapel that comes on the banner top of the pack is another development that is a lovely add-on.

Now with the Euro 2012 tournament kicking off today, the guys have decided to combine their t-shirt conception with the world of football to create a range of Tees to wear not just for the summer of sport, but that can be worn long after(see image below).

The Singular Statement men themselves, putting the world to rights.


2 comments on “Singular Statements – All the words you need.

  1. Shirley Keefe

    Love the tees – ordered two back on 15 July, but have not heard anything since. Any idea when they will arrive? Shirley Keefe

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