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Land of Hope & Glory – The Diamond Jubilee

Oliver Sweeney Covent Garden store in Union Jack colours

Dear readers as I’m sure you’ve noticed the Great British Flag, also known as the Union Jack or Union flag has been a great source of inspiration, some might even say an easy source, but not me, to retailers from high end to high street this season. Now this is primarily because of the 2012 Olympics taking place in the great city of London, in a matter of weeks but also because HRH Queen Elizabeth II, or Lizzie 2 to her friends celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, thats 60 years on the throne to your Republicans this weekend. So to celebrate and also the fact that residents of this fair isle get a double bank holiday, YEAH ! Here are a selection of the best products around with a Great British theme;

She wasn’t knighted for nothing from Dame Vivienne Westwood @ Selfridges

Holiday essentials from Burton

Your never gonna miss this at the luggage carousel, the Beacon Backpack by Barbour @ Selfridges

Not only available in an I-pad case but a blackberry and I-phone cover too from Boden

An original idea from Clarks Originals

Photographer Dave Bebber has worked with Lily & Lionel on these brilliant scarfs using his British images

Hackett flip flops in patriotic colours

Red, White & Blue socks £3.50 from the great British institution itself Marks & Spencer

Two Great British classics in one the Union jack mini cufflinks by Paul Smith

Wear them with pride Wayfarer style sunglasses from TOPMAN

Just case you forget where to come back to after your holidays this passport cover from Valextra @
will give you that helping hand


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