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There’s nothing Standard about this ! StndAIR

As one of the world’s most favourite international bloggers, I’m literally sent oodles of press releases everyday, before you ask, yes I am being ironic, but in all honesty I have to say the release for this story caught my eye straight away. I first came across The Standard hotel group, years ago when I stayed in their West Hollywood establishment, while working on a job in LA. The hotel which has been featured in everything from Sex in the City, Punk’d to The Green Hornet.  Now, I do have to say, that particular hotel, does seem to invoke a bit of a Marmite effect where people either LOVE to LOATHE it, but I honestly have to say The Standard West Hollywood, is one of my favourite hotels anywhere in the world.

Now move forward to present day where The Standard now boasts hotels in Downtown LA, Miami, New York aswell as the original West Hollywood venue. Which brings us nicely to the whole topic of this post, StndAIR, the idea being that if you an overworked, time sensitive native, or not, New Yorker, they will whisk you, and seven other friends, off on the 45 minute flight from Manhattan to the The Hamptons or charter destinations including Shelter Island, Montauk, Nantucket and more. Your flight via Seaplane or a  Cessna 208, Caravan Amphibian, to be more accurate takes you over some of the most amazing skyline you can experience and with flights starting from $99  your weekends just got a whole lot easier if you’re a resident of the Big Apple or are planning trip this summer.

Now one last thing, is it just me or does the thought of Travel lodge developing an airline send a cold shiver down your spine ?

See what I mean about a press release, getting your attention ? 


One comment on “There’s nothing Standard about this ! StndAIR

  1. Lisa B

    I concur! Having stayed at the W Hollywood Standard a few years ago, after a recommendation from a very reliable source, i can fully recommend it!!!! such a great location and the interior was wonderful – inc the diner for breakfast – loved it all and wish i was there right now 🙂 LOVE this blog

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