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A Roman Holiday – Prada & Roman Polanski

The Cannes Film festival, currently celebrating its 66th anniversary, has built itself up to be one, if not the, most important festivals in the cinematic calendar to showcase upcoming films from around the world. As known for its films, it’s also known for throwing up a couple of surprising over the years. Whether that be big name Hollywood actors, or actress, turning up and maybe, shall we say not behaving as well as they should or producing as iconic moments as the films shown during the event, for example  a young Marilyn Monroe frolicking on the beach “unaware” of the cameras catching her every move.

One person who is known for encountering controversy at Cannes is the film Director Roman Polanski. The celluloid genius behind such classics as Rosemary’s baby, Chinatown & The Pianist. His work has inspired such film makers as diverse as the Coen brothers, Darren Aronofsky & Wes Craven, but for this year’s celebrations he worked with a different studio, one more known for their luxury goods rather then cinematic wares.

Polanski said earlier this week of his collaboration with Prada;

“A game, a thought, that through friendship and mutual respect has become true.

When I was asked to shoot a short movie for Prada, I did not think that I could really be myself, but the reality is that in the total freedom I was given, I had the opportunity to reunite my favorite group of people on set and just have fun.

The chance to dwell on what the fashion world represents nowadays and the fact that it is accompanied by so many stereotypes is fascinating and at the same time a bit upsetting, but you definitely can not ignore it.

It’s very refreshing to know that there are still places open to irony and wit and, for sure, Prada is one of them.” 

Enough of me, judge for yourself and click on the link below to view the short film.



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