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Dear Reader I’m sure you’re aware of or or even, but, maybe not, well as soon as you’ve finished reading this lil nugget, you make sure you do.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting the Italian city of Florence, you can’t avoid the brilliance of this store. The LVR boutique has flourished into one of the most luxurious and inviting online stores within the retail industry and has built itself up as a business by working to an ethos of, “Beautiful craftsmanship should be the cornerstone upon which every stylish man builds his wardrobe”. Something that we should all bear in mind when it comes to our own personal style stakes.

LVR has a reputation for innervation and working with leading names from, not only the fashion industry but music aswell, as is seen with it’s “Firenze 4Ever” festivals bringing together key names from the Fashion & Music blogging world from all over the global.

The store and its impressive website brother stock brands from Adidas Orignals to ZZenga and every label worth it’s salt inbetween. So whether you wish to give your favorite staples an intelligent update or start investing in some serious tailoring, these key elements should be the basis on which you construct your wardrobe, definitely check it out.


One comment on “Ciao

  1. Will

    Brilliant! Just finished building new wardrobes so this advice suits me down to the ground, time to go and fill those rails.

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