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Full of Eastern Promise – Aramis – Grooming

The History of humans using fragrances to their advantage dates back over thousands of years, even the word perfume is derived from the Latin term “per fume” which translates to “through smoke.” Still today, the smoke of the burning oud as bakhoor is passed among guests as a gesture of hospitality.

Much like the art of perfumery, the mode of calligraphy was established thousands of years ago and is known as one of the most highly regarded and fundamental elements of Islamic art. This intrinsic art form of writing allows the creator to transform the mode of communication into an amazing piece of art. An entire word can give the impression of arbitrary brushstroke, or a single letter can develop into a engaging masterpiece.

Both of these mediums have their origins in the Arabic cultures and if you have ever travelled to the any of the countries in the middle east you will know how distinct and integral the aromas are to the cultural experience of the region.

Aramis, who truly have their origins in the western world, have drawn inspiration for their new fragrance from the east and this ancient art form.The fragrance, Calligraphy by Aramis reflects the pairing of two ancient crafts, where Arabic Script and this iconic fragrance comes together as an expression of an individual’s, own personal style.

The packages for this unique scent was created by the Graphic Artist, Tarek Atrissi, who fused the cultures of both the East & West worlds.

The scent is a unisex mix that offers a heady fusion of cardamom and a blend of lemon and cinnamon. The intensity of myrrh and saffron flowers are balanced with warming patchouli and heated ambers giving a musky feel and finally the essential oud that lingers in the air and on the skin gives that unmistakable eastern scent.

Available exclusively at Harrods from May 2012.


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