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Ray-Ban & Brooks Brothers collaboration

As you will know we love a good collaboration here as and on recent Press days seeing what wares brands, designers, retailers etc had in store for us next season,this lil beauty caught my eye.

The American retailer, sorry let me correct myself, the oldest American retailer, Brooks Brothers who were established in 1818, aren’t particularly well known in the UK. Even though they have heaps of history and brilliant anecdotes including dressing EVERY US President since Abraham Lincoln, introducing the first ready-made suits, the original button- down collar, seersucker, madras (no not the curry), and the non-iron shirt, to name but a few.

This time round we see this US Powerhouse working with THE iconic American sunglasses supremo Ray-Ban. Now we all known they don’t come much more epic then Ray-Ban, think about films including, The Breakfast club, The Blues Brothers, Top Gun, Risky Business and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. When you envisage any of these films and countless more, the eyewear is essential to finishing the look and the two styles of shades in question are as iconic as the brand who dreamt them up, the ‘Wayfarer’ and the ‘Avaitor’, no coolers styles have ever been produced.

Ray-Ban for Brooks Brothers features these two timeless styles, both detailed with Brooks Brothers’ signature BB#1 repp stripe on the interior of the temple arms. Both the Wayfarers and the Brooks Brothers repp stripe tie, by the 1950’s had  become synonymous with the “Ivy League Look” of Harvard and Yale. Sixty years on and both brands have maintained their trend status as being an essential element of the preppy look.

The sunglasses are available at Brooks Brothers stores within the UK and Europe and the range is the latest in an ongoing series of special collaborations for both brands.   


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