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Nothing to do with Pete Doherty, for once – Libertine Libertine – One to watch

The Libertine Libertine forefathers

Born in Copenhagen during the heady summer months of 2009, or more correctly the very short, wet summer that year. Three great pragmatists were motivated to create a brand based on high quality, well-designed products with an element of existentialism thrown in for good measure.

Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Peter Munch Ovesen, were inspired by the city lights and wild shores of their native Denmark but moreover by the contemporary culture of its capital Copenhagen.

 For Spring/Summer 2012 Libertine Libertine now counts 30 stockists in the UK alone including Urban Outfitters and the Uber on-line retailer Glass Boutique ( For this season, its collection is a direct continuation of the brand’s love for their hometown’s personal style.  Heavy patterns dominate the collection with this season’s penchant for camouflage.

The brand is all about little touches, whether it be a bright red cuff button or arrow motifs on the Hunter sweaters or lining chinos with the aforementioned camouflage print so that it’s only evident in the turn ups of their chinos, for example. The brand, nor it’s designers take itself too seriously and they’re not afraid to show it in their work, which is all apparent and what makes Libertine Libertine one to watch out for.


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