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Wolsey, If it’s good enough for Royalty

British Menswear brand Wolsey are the latest to open their first Flagship store on the newly stylish shopping destination Brewer St, London, following on from it’s illustrious neighbours Jack Spade, Woolrich and Stone Island. Wolsley is steeped in brand heritage, being establish since 1775, possibly laying claim to being the oldest surviving fashion brand in the UK, if not the world.  Over the centuries, they have dressed some of Britain’s bravest and most inspirational men: explorers, soldiers, pioneers and royalty. Even today Wolsey continues to craft clothing for men of exploration and adventure. Inspired by its impressive history and pedigree, Wolsey’s Spring / Summer 2012 collection is a contemporary range influenced by iconic menswear classics(see images below).

The store’s aesthetic takes inspiration from the brand’s original Leicester factory, still the location of its brand operations to this day. The masculine reference points can be seen in the brick walls, brushed steel beams and wooden fixtures, also reflecting Wolsey’s principled consideration for material sourcing. Salvaged, prismatic pendants light the windows; whilst low hanging 1940s British industrial pendant light fixtures give an industrial retro edge to the interior. This distinguished contrast gives a welcoming, relaxed and contemporary feel to the store.

No not the winners of the Wolsey 7 a side football Tournament 1775. But an image from their SS12 collection

The Wolsey Store, Brewer Street, London


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