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Britain’s next top Mannequin – AskAnt

As has started to become a bit of a habit with AskAnt, lets catch up with the last week’s subject and find out their opinions on the advice I dealt out;

By the way, Handforth Dean is an out of town shopping destination in Cheshire, with a M&S & John Lewis etc, just in case you were interested. Ahhh he shoots he scored, yet another happy reader.

Moving onto this week’s puzzler, just to show AskAnt is up to answer any questions you may set him, as long as it involves STYLE fellas.

Young Dom contacted me;

Well Dom, as soon as I got your email I got my thinking cap on and had a thumb through my extensive contacts books, I spoke to a couple of people in Visual Merchandising and Creative Director types and Bobs your Uncle and Kim Cattrall’s your Aunt, you wish ! The general consensus from them was if you want an investment piece go to Proportion mannequins (, but this is the top end of the price scale and do expect to pay. In the middle end of the market check out Moreplan( But rather then leave it at that I decided to do a bit of my own investigation on your behalf. So here are a couple of options for you;

1) Ebay

First up is old faithful Ebay, have to be honest I thought I was going to get you a real bargain here, but in recent years tailors dummies have become quite a sort after commodity and are seen as rather collectable in certain sectors. Nonetheless, there is the below example at a not too bad price of £40, but you will find him a bit armless, the old ones are the best. In all honesty I’m not sure Ebay is the best place to look for this type of thing, however, Ebay changes it’s stock so quickly you could well stumble across a bargain or you could wait for weeks or even months to find exactly what you’re after.

Ebay £40

2) Mannequin Specialists

Dom, best thing to do in this instance is to set aside a bit of time and to simply put what your after into a search engine and see what locally is on offer. I had a look around the internet for you and the two best options I could find were from and depending on the specific type of dummy that fits your bill, see below.

Tradlines £46 £45.96














3) Vintage markets

Increasingly Dom you are seeing regular antique markets taking place, great examples of which can be found in Newark, Kempton Park and Shepton Mallet. If you know what or better who to look out for as increasingly you see creatives for retailers as diverse as TopMan, Urban Outfitters, Paul Smith & Ralph Lauren sourcing these fairs to find something a bit different for their window displays. These markets can be great sources for finding bargain mannequins but once again this does take time and you could strike lucky or be searching for months.

4) Retailers

Dom this final possible solution depends on how charming and how much front you’ve got. Basically it involves calling into big retailers, for example M&S or River Island and asking them if they have any mannequins which they are about to get rid of. A good tip here is to look out for stores which are closing down or in the process of having a re-fit, therefore they’ll be getting rid of old shop fittings etc.

So Dom, all that is left for me to do is to tell you, the choice is yours ??? Let us know what your decision was and join us again next Tuesday for another style clinic.



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