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Super Fragrance by Superdry

First came the iconic t-shirts and hoodies, then came David Beckham being snapped wearing the brand, then this was followed by the

Dry by SuperdryENORMOUS Flagship store on the capital's Regent Street and probably a high street in your local town and now we have the Fragrance!!!!!! What next World Superdry Domination !?!

ENORMOUS Flagship store on the capital’s Regent Street and probably a high street in your local town and now we have the Fragrance!!!!!! What next ? World Superdry Domination !

Unless you’ve lived on Planet Zog for the last few years you can’t have missed the, literal, explosion in casual wear that has been, a great deal, down to Julian Dunkerton and his Superdry label. It’s humble beginnings began in 1984 at Dunkerton’s Cult Clothing store in Cheltenham, Gloustershire. Superdry soon outgrew it’s roots and the first store to solely stock the brand was opened in Covent Garden. Fast forward to 2012 and the brand is now sold in over 20 countries around 4 continents. Which brings us nicely to the whole point of this post, their new Fragrance, or 3 fragrances to be strictly true. This trio of scents being – Dry, Double Dry & Dry Oil (OK the last one isn’t the best of names, but God loves a trier). All the scents have that signature fusion of British, American & Japanese traits which has been part to Superdry’s undeniable success, plus a strong masculine edge, in the vein of Brut, or Old Spice (Google it for the younger readers).

Dry has an aromatic, rich woody flavour blending bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and the cooling elements of eucalyptus with cardamon, pink pepper and musks of patchouli, vetiver and both cedar and amber wood.

Double Dry, starts once again with bergamot and grapefruit but is fused with mandarin, rosemary and Sichuan pepper. To ensure a different woody undertone rosewood, incense and oak moss are added.

Finally, Dry Oil, is built around vanilla and combines lavender, lemon, cypress and neroli plus works in cedarwood and patchouli so the three scents tie together as a trio.

The fragrances are available in stores nationwide and are priced at £55.

So you can experience the true Superdry lifestyle we at have got our hands on each of the fragrances and you can sample them for yourself. All you need to do is click on the Follow button above or Follow me on TWITTER @Clothesmakethem between now and 7am (GMT) on Thursday 5th April and you could be smelling of sweet Super dry success.


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