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Jack Spade – Like the cut of your jib – New London Store opening

If the name Jack Spade, means nothing to you, maybe ask the girlfriend. It’s the quirky men’s line of the uber-accessories brand kate spade (always wrote in lower case, don’t you know). I don’t know why it isn’t called Andy Spade, after her husband, but if I ever meet her it will be my first question after “Hello, how are you Kate ?”

Today, is the official store opening of the first European branch on the newly trendy Brewer St, just round the corner from Piccadilly Circus. Brewer St, is gonna be giving Lambs Conduit & Dover St’s a run for their money in the trendy stakes as Stone Island, hyper-stylish eateries Mele e Pere and Hix, amongst others set up home here.

The interior of the 1,000 sq ft store is a mix between the two Soho’s, in New York and ole London town. It’s very masculine, stylish but welcoming and offers tons of bit and bob gadgety thingys and object d’art that could keep you in the store for hours (see below images). It will carry a full assortment of products including bags, clothing, wallets, ties, small goods, laptop & phone accessories, and other idiosyncratic furnishings and can be summed up in the company moto, good design solves a problem with straightforward solutions, using timeless and durable materials.







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