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There’s a hole in my jeans dear Liza, dear Liza – AskAnt

Before we start with this week’s AskAnt and following on from last week’s dilemma, Our Dave’s been in contact to say;

Dave it’s our pleasure, thats what we’re here for. Ahhhhh another satisfied customer.

Well, another week is upon us and another sartorial issue felt by one of our growing number of readers has found its way into my in-tray. This week’s problem is of a sensitive nature but affects an awful lot of us and rather then me explaining it at great depth I’ll let the good man himself do so.

Firstly Aidan, thanks for taking the time to get in contact and for having the guts to enquiry about this, more common then you think, problem. Strangely enough the service I’m going to recommend is actual based in Manchester, your home town, but offers a pretty much nationwide helpline service. The denim doctor ( essentially, will take your tired, distressed or injured pair of jeans and offer them a rehab service of restoring them, depending on the extent of damage incurred. You can either visit the surgery, OK Store , or if a visit to Manchester is a little out of the question you can post the poorly jeans to Michael,the denim doc himself, after a short telephone consultation informing him of the aliments.

Hope this solves your problem Aidan, please let us know and it breathes live back into those 5 perfectly descent pairs of jeans left languishing in your wardrobe like disused toys belonging to a petulant child, with too much time on their hands.

Jeez, that seemed to be an issue answered rather simply and to the point. So if you have any matters of a clothing nature that are causing you distress, DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT for the answers to your problems. So until the same time next week folks.



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