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Don Draper – Style icon, Grooming

Mr Don Draper, we could all learn a thing or two from this man.

I’m sure I wasn’t on my own last night is partaking in a spot of time traveling via our good friends at Sterling Cooper and Sky Atlantic, to mark the premiere of Mad Men season 5 and I’m sure after the show finished I wasn’t the only one who had an overwhelming desire for spark up a Lucky Strike and crack open that bottle of Jameson’s 18 year reserve I’ve been hiding away from my father in law.

But please my friends, don’t be under the illusion that Don just runs a generous dab of Brylcreem through that shiny, raked-over jet-black cut with a left-hand part, which is oh so critical to his swagger and general alpha male attitude, no siree.

Gloria Ponce (honestly), the lady responsible for the hair styling for the show, confessed, Draper’s style is realised with a stiff cocktail of Redken hair gel and TRI Professional Haircare spray.

Holding Gel Grip Tight (Medium Control) by Redken For Men & Aerogel Styling Spray by TRI Professional Haircare

To get the scoop on how to achieve Don’s locks for us meer mortals, I turned to hair genius, celebrity trimmer and all round good guy Michael Douglas, no that one, not Mr Zeta Jones, the other one. In his ever infinite wisdom told me ;

This is port war America at it’s best. Clean hair and scalp is important, so shampoo with Head & Shoulders classic 2 in 1 and towel dry. Apply a small amount of shockwaves light weight gel to the hair, use a wide tooth comb and sculpt into the style keeping the parting neat and straight. If there are any stray hairs, apply a tiny bit more of the gel and smooth over them with your hands and leave to dry for 10 mins.

Hair cut wise you need a simple short back and sides and leave about 8 cm on to to form the height. Dark hair works best and blonde will give you a softer look. Easy! “

All you need to achieve Don's barnet

Now men go out and be Lady killers, not literally !


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