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PS 4 MUFC – Sir Paul Smith extends his agreement to dress Manchester United

The 3 wise men - Sirs Bobby Charlton, Paul Smith & Alex Ferguson

Paul Smith has agreed to continue to dress the current holders of the Premiership, champions Manchester United. He has designed the formal wear and supplied the accessories for the entire first team, reserves, officials and the FA Youth Cup players until at least 2014.

These two great British institutions initially came together in 2008 for the UEFA Cup final when Sir Paul dressed the team for the final in Moscow which saw the Red Devils beat Chelsea on penalties.

The suits in question will come from Sir Paul’s, Paul Smith London collection and as always with Smith’s collections they have a sense of the traditional with a modern twist, almost offering a synergy with the current Man U team.

Sir Paul recently said of this relationship, “It is exciting to continue working with Manchester United FC. Manchester United is arguably the most popular football club in the world and has such an incredible international fan base. I know that our customers in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, in fact all South East Asia, Europe and the USA will be interested in this continuing partnership.”

Couldn’t have put it better meself Sir Paul.

An initial illustration from Sir Paul Smith on how the suit will look.


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