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Love is a Battlefield

The Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf, or Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren as they are known to their parents, may not be household names. You may have heard of them after their extremely successful global collaboration with the High St Goliath, H&M. Their womenswear shows are literally like living, walking pieces of elaborate and exotic art and well worth checking out. Their stores are,

SPICEBOMB the Fragrance, Sir, yes sir !

once again, need to be seen to be believed, for example, their store in Milan which is upside down, no honestly, see image below. But, their Menswear collections, offers a much more parred down luxury rather then in your face eccentricity, it’s far more wearable. And in turn this is kinda reflected in their fragrance offering, in 2005 the dynamic duo launched Flowerbomb upon the unsuspecting female consumer. “A profusion of flowers in an excessively sensual fragrance for women”, as the press release reveals. Nonetheless, the prior line cannot express what a runaway success Flowerbomb was and still is today, ask your better halves, it’s fair to say a large proportion of them will be fans of the iconic smell. Move forward seven years and in the guys own words, “After creating Flowerbomb, we felt a twinge of jealousy: why aren’t we allowed our own bomb?” So they headed off to their top secret design HQ in Amsterdam and started work on creating a male version, it was time to infuse the codes of masculine smells with dynamite ! With a hint of power and a touch of boldness, not forgetting an undertone of sensuality and we can’t leave out mystery. What do you get, I hear you cry ????? Something is about to go BOOM and it is………. SPICEBOMB ! Which in my honest to goodness opinion I was sucked in with the design of the bottle, which wouldn’t look out of place on any man’s shelf in the bathroom. With the fragrance launching nationwide on 7th March, prices of 50ml bottle at £45 or £60 for 90ml. Pull that pin !

Messers Horsting and Snoeren

The Viktor & Rolf store in Milan


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