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Something of the Noir about him – Noir by Tom Ford

If ever the term, “Everything he touches turns to gold”, was meant for someone, surely they had Tom Ford in mind. I mean jeez, the man is like a real … Continue reading

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Shaken not stirred – The rise of the Navy Tuxedo

I guarantee the morning this poster was launched, Brand Directors of Menwear apparel companies globally rang their Buying Directors and say, “We have bought Navy Tuxedos, this season, haven’t we … Continue reading

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Living the American Dream – Tommy Hilfiger X Blauer

What happens when an All American designer brand, known for its use of the iconic Red, white & blue of the Star spangled banner comes together with an equally All … Continue reading

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No Hong Kong Phooey here – Marshall Artist

Marshall Artist is a brand which can officially call itself a Cockney label, being born within the sound of Bow Bells in London’s EC1 in 2001. Having been established for … Continue reading

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That’s what friends are for – Friends of Fred (Perry, that is)

Autumn 12 sees the expansion of the successful brand partnerships of Friends of Fred. The idea behind the project was to look to some of the iconic subcultures who have worn and loved … Continue reading

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Mr Mode himself – Adrian Clark – Textual Conversations

Do you recognise this international man of mystery ? The likelihood is probably no, has he affected the way or what you purchase when it comes to Clothes and style, … Continue reading

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Different Strokes for different folks – Superdry + Timothy Everest

When the schedule for London Collections:Men arrived in my inbox back in June and I look through it, one particular partnership completely caught my attention and took me by surprise, … Continue reading

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